Working with the best people is what makes a great workplace - and a great workplace attracts the best people.

The process starts with us getting to know each other. We want to find out what makes you tick - what you love and what you’re great at. We want to find the perfect match for you in terms of technology and product.

We work with some of the biggest brands in the tech industry. We work on-site with our customers, since we believe that great products are built in close connection with the business and its end users. You are our product! And we want your energy and passion to rub off on the people you are working with.

Changing company, workplace setting and culture can be challenging. We’ve prepared a detailed F.A.Q. to answer your concerns, of course with insights from our dear Mirado team members 😉

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Was Mirado the first consultancy agency you joined?

For most of our team members, Mirado is the first consultancy job. We don’t have any expectations on you having previous work experience as a consultant.

Was Mirado your first consultancy experience?

How does the compensation work as a Mirado consultant?

Compensation at Mirado comes in two components. The base salary makes up the large majority of your compensation, and is a fixed amount set according to our experience level.

The base salary is then topped up with a variable component. The variable component varies according to the total utilisation rate of all consultants - meaning when all the consultants are on assignment, the variable salary is paid out in full. Since the variable component is based on the team’s performance as a whole, you can still get the full payout, even while you’re between assignments.

The amount of the variable component increases with seniority. On average it is 9% of the base salary.

Because we have a highly talented team, our utilisation rate has always been very high. In all the time Mirado has been consulting, the variable component has only rarely been anything other than 100% and never below 80%.

In addition to the salary, we have a highly favourable equity program, where all employees have the opportunity each year to buy Mirado shares.

Am I responsible for finding my own assignments? 

No - this is part of what makes working for Mirado so great.

We have a wide network of clients in Stockholm, which generates a consistent flow of interesting and exciting assignment opportunities. We’ll do our best to match you with these opportunities, so you can focus on doing cool stuff with tech, instead of stressing over finding your next assignment.

On the other hand, if you do have a specific opportunity you want to bring to Mirado, that works great too, just let us know!

What is the process for getting a new assignment?

In the time after you accept a position with Mirado while you’re waiting to actually start with us, we’ll work with you to build a personal profile, which will present information such as:

  • key competencies

  • example of previous experience

  • education and work background

Equipped with your profile, we’ll find all the potential matches for you from among our clients. Then, when you’ve selected the most interesting looking opportunities, we’ll schedule interview with the relevant people at the clients.

Will I ever be made to take an assignment that I don’t want?

You will never be forced to take an assignment that doesn’t work for you!

We always listen to your requests and the kind of sector you wish to be part of. The in-depth interview process when you join Mirado enables us to get to know you well and understand whether you will enjoy working with us and our clients.

Can assignments get boring and if so, what can I do about it?

As with all jobs, there might be elements of the work that you don’t love. But if you are not happy with your assignment, let us know and we will come up with a solution, by talking with the client or finding you a new assignment.

How often will I change assignments?

The average assignment length is about 2 years, but this can vary a lot.

When an assignment has turned out not to be the perfect match we expected, we’ve moved consultants after 3 months in order to find a better fit.

On the other hand, if the consultant is happy, and the client is happy, and the assignment is still offering new and varied opportunities for the consultant, assignments can go on for much longer. Our record so far is a consultant who has been with the same client for 4 years (and counting!), in various roles.

In the client’s team, should I expect to be treated differently because I’m a consultant?

We would expect our clients to do their best to treat you equally with their employees.

However, if you’re with a client and it’s not really working for you, talk to us about it. We’ll do everything we can to resolve the issues - but if it’s still not working, we can look for a new assignment for you. One of the benefits of being a consultant is that it’s much less hassle to change an assignment than to change a job.

Do you ever feel like included in your client's activities?

Will I have problems obtaining a mortgage as a consultant?

A Mirado consultant is a full-time, permanent employee of Mirado, so there is no difference between Mirado or any other employer that would lead to problems getting a mortgage.

You should also know that we have a close relationship with Swedbank, which gives you a discount on mortgage interest rates.

How many years of experience do I need to join Mirado?

We are looking for talented and passionate people without regard to seniority, but it helps if you have at least one year of professional experience (including part-time work counts).

How many years of working experience did you have before joining Mirado?

How does the benefits package compare to a product-oriented company?

Our benefits package is really competitive, including a first-class health insurance scheme, and some really cool lifestyle benefits: weekly breakfasts; two offsite company kick-off conference trips each year; tech workshops; and monthly activities and dinners.

We love being together and sharing our knowledge with each other!

Do you feel you would have better benefits scheme if you had to be full time employed?

Is my perspective taken into account when working on an assignment?

Companies bring in Mirado consultants precisely to get fresh perspectives, and to contribute actively within their team, so you should expect to be asked for your opinions, and to have them given weight, just as much as if you were to work as an employee for the client.

You are on assignment to deliver fresh perspectives and work as part of the team, so you will be asked for your opinion, just as if you were working as an employee for the client.

Do you feel you have a say in decision making processes at the client?

How does Mirado work with improving your skillset?

t’s really important to us that you are constantly challenged so you can develop and grow into your best self, both as a software professional and as an individual. 

We cover the costs of any relevant courses, books, or conferences you want to take on. We also work hard to share and improve within the Mirado team, with weekly tech presentations, a tech workshop every month, and in-depth technical workshops as part of the twice-a-year kick off conference.

We’ve also got a professional coach in the team, who is eager to work with you to improve yourself. We have you covered!

Do you feel that your expertise is improving?

If I work on-site at the client and am employed by Mirado, will I be able to connect with the Mirado team and stay in touch?

Absolutely! We have so many fun activities going on, there will be plenty of time to connect and become friends with fellow Mirado members. Also, we have Slack channels for just about everything :-)

Whatever you’re into, whether it’s going out partying around Stockholm, a quiet night in with board games and beers, or getting out into Sweden’s beautiful nature, chances are there’s a group at Mirado already doing it. 

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to make friends with your fellow Mirado members. Also, we have Slack channels for just about everything :-)

Do you know your colleagues well enough at Mirado? Do you feel connected to them?

If I am from abroad, will it be difficult and strenuous for me to get a work visa?

Mirado works closely with Deloitte who handle our work visa application process. We have team members who have relocated from countries including Serbia, Australia, the UK, Brazil and South Africa, so no worries on this side!

Was it difficult to obtain a visa with Mirado?